~~~My Mantle Dressed For Fall!!!!~~~ ~~~My Mantle Dressed For Fall!!!!~~~

Hi everyone! I decided I would join Leyla at The Lettered Cottage for her It's Fall Y'ALL Mantle party! Go on over and see ALL of th...

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~~~Jaime's Bridal Shower~~~ ~~~Jaime's Bridal Shower~~~

Hi everyone! I just got home from a bridal shower! Jaime was a bridesmaid in my daughter's wedding last year and now Tracy is a bridesma...

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~~~ Fall Arrangemnet # 2!!!~~~ ~~~ Fall Arrangemnet # 2!!!~~~

Hi and Happy Sunday everyone! Last weekend I made several Fall arrangements and today wanted to share this one that I made for the Baker'...

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~~Darn IT BLOGGER!!!~~~ ~~Darn IT BLOGGER!!!~~~

Blogger is NOT allowing me to comment on anyone's blogs right now. I have been trying for an hour or more. Just to let you know. Is anyo...

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~~~A Quote that hit my heart~~~ ~~~A Quote that hit my heart~~~

The majority of us lead quiet, unheralded lives as we pass through this world.  There will most likely be no ticker-tape parades for us, no ...

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~~~WELCOME Fall!!!~~~~~ ~~~WELCOME Fall!!!~~~~~

Hi everyone! I wasn't going to post the porch yet but since it is the first day of FALL, I decided to take some pics and WELCOME you all...

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