Happy Friday one and all! I am off to do some swimming and then watch my little in her first swim meet but first I have a great treat for you. Emily from Recently is here and I couldn't be more thrilled. I've always loved Emily's blog and even though she hasn't posted in a while, I had to ask her. I'm so glad she said yes! So Emily, fess up!

Hi everyone, I'm Emily, from Recently, here to fess up on this lovely Friday!  I have mixed emotions about this post, mainly because- to get straight to the point- I haven't blogged in eight months.  Yep, I'm fessing up about being an absentee blogger, or, as I like to call it, an on-the-fence blogger.  I haven't posted in forever, but I still maintain my site and keep telling myself I'll get back to blogging someday.  Here's a little of what I used to be up to...

Those were the days.  Now, here's what I've been up to lately:

No, that's not me, but I did take the photos. :)  I started a photography business called Nina & B Photography (named after my grandparents) and I've been loving every moment of it.  I'm way too busy right now to keep up with my blog, but I'm hoping to incorporate it into my business very soon.  I haven't decided if I'll retire the name "recently," but I hope that I can keep part of the blog that means so much to me around for a while longer.

It's definitely been hard to be away, so thank you Elizabeth for having me today!

PS: That adorable gal in the photos above is Laura from Love and Sapphires.  You should check out her style- it's incredible!


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