We are already at the half way point of the One Room Challenge people. (You can catch up on week 1 here and week 2 here) Let's say it all together - where does the time go?!

Progress is happening at a good clip in my sister's little guest bathroom

and we've gone from this

to this. Tiling is in progress and the hall is being painted as we speak/type/read.

So this week I thought I'd share some scores and a major bomb. Namely what is happening on this wall. As I had said before, a bathroom is a hard place to have much originality, so I was on the hunt to add some sort of...something to make this little spot shine. Great idea, in theory.

One area I thought I could do this was with the sink. This bathroom is so petite that there were hardly any vanities that would fit. Also, have you looked at vanities lately? Not very exciting unless you want to spend the earth. Since this is a guest bathroom, storage wasn't a must so I was able to convince my sister to ditch the vanity idea and go for a stand alone sink. I envisioned a sexy wall mount number but those can also be a pretty penny, and without an IKEA near by my options were limited.

So I went to the best place for unique bathroom supplies, ReStore, and was thrilled to find this little number. She was very cool, very shallow (which meant she wouldn't swallow a lot of space) and she was $19. Ding Ding. Yes, she was yellow, but that was nothing a bit of reglazing wouldn't take care of.

Wall mount faucets are a bit more than regular ones but I quickly found one I liked, got that ordered and started calling reglazing people. Crickets. I couldn't get anyone to call back. After finally cornering one guy on the phone he flipped out that the sink wasn't already attached to something and said it would be about $275 to reglaze. Really? I love a good deal as much as the next person, but the faucet and reglazing were blowing my margin and this deal of a sink was fast becoming not much of a deal.

To make me feel better I took the sink over to dry fit it and see how fab it would look...and it was 1.5" too wide. Who measured this damn thing anyway? Or right, that would be me. Strike #3.

The cherry on top was when the faucet came and the spout stuck out too far, meaning the water would have gone over the sink rather than in it. It was time to call this sink a bust. I hate busts. So frustrating.

Luckily I've had the lighting to make me feel better.

I found this lantern for a steal at my favorite antique store a while back. I don't know about you but vaulted ceilings in a bathroom mean one thing - wonderful overhead lighting. This lantern wasn't electrified but we took it to a local lighting shop who was able to do the job, make the new pieces look as old as the rest and all in it was still cheaper than a new lantern. Now that's a deal. (If you need a good lighting shop in St. Louis let me know and I'll pass on their name.)

The patina of the lantern reminded me so much of the great gooseneck light I got at this sale. At the time I had no idea where it would go, just that it was too cool and too cheap to pass up. I love it when the lighting stars align. With more scores than bombs I think we are headed in the right direction (knock on wood).

Be sure to check in with all of the other great ladies to see how things are moving.


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