I'm not going to lie, I had a bit of trouble typing '5' in the title there. Week five? Really? Oh good lord. (Catch up on weeks 1 - 4 here) That means I have six short days to wrap this sucker up. 140 hours. Enough numbers, lets talk about progress.

As I mentioned yesterday, this past week has been a huge challenge for me, and not just of the One Room variety. So what do you do when you are up against a big deadline and you're behind? That's right, you go out of town. The hubs and I had actually had this trip planned for months, but it couldn't have come at a better time. I left my world of chaos behind and enjoyed a few great days with friends. But before I left town, I was able to convince one of my contractor contacts to take pity on me. Thank god.

So this started. Yesterday. Afternoon. Nothing like cutting it close, hey? I've been assured it will be finished by Friday and he's seen the crazy in my eyes so I believe him.

I picked this up yesterday as well (Tuesday was a big day for me) and I'm feeling good about it. Now I just need to round up accessories that we've been accumulating over the past several weeks that are in no less than three different households and start to put this puzzle together.

And lest you think I'm holding back on all the good stuff and just not showing you everything, there is nothing else to show. The sink, toilet, lights, faucets, light switches, everything else is sitting in my poor sister's dinging room just waiting to be installed. 140 hours people.

This will indeed be a cliffhanger. Will I finish? Will there be anything to show? Will I be laughed off the internet? Come back next Wednesday to see just what will happen.

Until then, check out what all of the other talented ladies have done since last week.  And light a candle for me.


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