Week 4 of the One Room Challenge (you can catch up on weeks 1 -3 here) beat me down. The challenge was Ike and I was Tina, only without the fabulous legs. We are running into some tile issues with the shower and I'm looking high and low for someone to help my hard working team. But so far, no dice.  I'm not a "I didn't finish person" so hitting the ORC finale sans tile on the wall is not an option. Keep your fingers crossed contractor #3 calls me back and takes pity on me.

My saint of an uncle has been working his saintly tail off (I would guess saints don't have butts) though and he has done some amazing work. He's painted the walls, the sink and toilet are ready to be installed and the lights are going up. Check out what I shared on Instagram late last week.

Bam. So good, right? I was close to laying on that floor and giving it a little kiss, okay a big kiss. But then someone mentioned shopping and I was out the door. Aside from that blasted shower we are ready for the pretty to enter the room. I even got a call from the shower curtain lady that the shower curtain is ready. Happy Day!

And speaking of shopping, we've acquired a few goodies for the soon to be world's best looking small guest bath, condo edition.

I know you've been thinking, "what this bath needs is a bamboo pagoda shelf thingy" and you are right. I picked it up in a store I always claim 'never has anything good'. That'll show me to make those kind of statements.

We also picked up this lovely lady, and her husband. Their colors in person are blow-your-mind amazing, so I'll be giving tours on reveal day so everyone can see them in their full glory. Who's bringing the drinks?

So that's all I have to share this week. Not much progress but damn we're close. I can feel it. Mostly in my lower back.

Be sure to check in with all the other great ladies to see how things are moving on their rooms.


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