calgon, take me away calgon, take me away

Have you ever had one of those weeks? Those weeks where you feel like you are behind on everything and no matter what you try to get done, m...

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the fourteen bears in summer and winter the fourteen bears in summer and winter

Happy Wednesday all! How is your week moving along? We are on day three of summer vacation and I'm already worn out. We've been spen...

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~~~Mama, and Papa and BABY Bluebirds!!!~~~ ~~~Mama, and Papa and BABY Bluebirds!!!~~~

Hi everyone, just a short post to share with you the new additions to our home:):) Joe built a bluebird box and within ONE HOUR we had blueb...

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~~~Lightening Up The Mantle!!!~~~ ~~~Lightening Up The Mantle!!!~~~

Happy Memorial day everyone and a HUGE thank you to all the veterans who have served and do serve to protect us all. Since we are officially...

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weekend plans weekend plans

Who's ready for a nice long weekend?. School is officially out (cue Alice Cooper) so we are going to do some of this a little of this lo...

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DIY ribbon trim curtain panels DIY ribbon trim curtain panels

So since my wrist has been giving me troubles , I've had a chance to catch up on other things; like gardening, reading, butter churning....

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~~~DIY Summer Wreath....FREE!!!!~~~~ ~~~DIY Summer Wreath....FREE!!!!~~~~

Good morning! LOTS of fluffing going on around here! Joe had been, LITERALLY, working his butt off doing our new landscaping. And I mean lit...

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