I just took some shots from the front porch and ventured out onto the driveway a LITLLE bit. This looks bad but it could have been SOOOOO much worse so I am grateful to God!

 Twigs and branches down.
 This is 2 branches that fell and broke the clay pot that we use as a squirrel baffle for the bird feeders.
 Thank God it didn't hit a person!
 This branch is stuck upside down in a bush.
 Big branch further up the drive. I didn't want to go out that far yet.
 Front of the house that is usually free of leaves or anything.
 Branches in here too.

 Now, this is why I get so nervous. I stood in one spot and swung around to show you that we really ARE surrounded by trees that are at least 100 feet tall.

Back deck, not bad at all! I am so grateful! They said on the news tonight that most of the deaths were caused by falling trees and branches!!!Thanks to you all for your concern. I feel so bad for the people who had FLOODING and lost so much! XO, Pinky


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