I went out front a little while ago and this is what I found in the driveway. This Large branch fell out of one of the trees during the storms yesterday, I guess. We got home late and didn't see it.
It is a big one but not the biggest I found today!
 The leaves are starting to FALL already! It will soon be "that timne of year" when we spend days and weeks blowing, raking and hauling LEAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE that job!!!!
 So, I got my blower out and cleaned up the porch and the part of the driveway that I can reach.
My hubby was out back cutting back the once beautiful cardinal flowers, that the hummingbirds love, since they, too got beat down during these storms of the past few days:( I got some shots before he cut them back.
It's such a shame cause they were so pretty all stading up tall! But they are about done blooming so I guess it is time.
 These had been standing up tall against the lattice.
 All beaten down:(
Then I saw a HUGE branch that had fallen.....
It is through this bush.....

The nuts from the birch trees are falling all over!!!! There are thousands of them. When we drive into the driveway it sounds like fireworks:):)

Look at them all! This is just a small spot of them!
 I thought I would get some shots of some PRETTINESS too. Is that a word???? I hope so! The begonias in the mailbox are doing fine.
 The flowers on the hostas all need to be cut back now too.
 The hydrangeas are turning a beautiful color now!!! I love them in Fall arrangements!

This is Mother Nature at her BEST!!!

I love the 2 lanterns that greet you as you approach the front door.
 We light them at night when we sit out on the front porch.
 Red and orange impatiens. I plant those colors so they will still look pretty with my Fall decorations.....that will be out here pretty soon!!!!!

They look like little rose buds when they start to open. SO pretty! Have to go get ready now, am going out tonight to help some friends make a banner for an upcoming event. Thanks so much for stopping by. I may link to some of these parties! XO, Pinky
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