You know, I am usually very organized and neat. But somehow THIS cabinet just got WAAAAAY out of hand and I am ashamed of my self! I went to get crackers out last night and THIS is what I saw!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy tamoly, this is AWFUL! How the heck did this happen????? So, this morning I decided to CLEAN IT OUT!!!!!!!!! First I emptied it. Stuff was all over my counter. Then I wiped the shelves down good. Next, I consolidated and THREW STUFF OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! I got rid of alot of magazines that had recipes in them and some recipe booklets. I figure, I can find anything I want on the internet now! Why am I saving all this stuff?????
 AHHH, MUCH better! I had room to put some white dishes and clear goblets in here!
 There are 2 binders there under my recipe boxes for recipes I have printed out. They are in a pile here at my desk to go through before they get put in the binders.

Now all I have to do is keep it like this but I think that will be easy now that it is all organized.  I feel much better:):) Thanks for stopping by. I hope you didn't faint when you saw the first picture:):) XO, Pinky


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