This morning Joe and I got outside to do our clean up. We had brought everything into the house or garage so first we got our leaf blowers out and blew away all the leaves, picked up all the smaller twigs and branches, then the LARGE branches. Then we got all the things back out to the front porch and back deck.  Then we sighed a BIG sigh of relief and gratitude that we "weathered" this storm so well!

 This is a little bell that I don't think I have shown you before.

 Back deck all back together.
 Soon, I will be switching out pillows for some FALL pillows!!!!
 This is another hibiscus that Joe has grown from a small piece that had 2 TINY leaves! He wintered it over inside so hopefully it will live through this winter too and grow bigger next year too!
We feel very fortunate and have the people of Vermont and other places that have had TERRIBLE flooding in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much for stopping by. Joining Susan for Metamorphisis Monday at   XO, Pinky


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