As promised, I've got updates for you today on the old home office makeover. Which actually is a bit misleading as 'makeover' implies that I'm redoing a space when in reality there was no 'space' here. So I guess creation would be better. But let's be real, 'makeover' sounds more fun.

Here is the inspiration board I'm working off of. For those of you that have followed me on a number of projects, you know that I like to closely follow my design boards (type A much?). No straying for me. Except this time. This is truly an inspiration because as I said at the beginning of this project, I'm trying to work with what I have as much as possible. And sadly, I don't have a spare Madeline Weinrib rug in my stash.

I do have a big black and gold foiled shade that would make a great DIY light. And a desk that I can turn into something pink and fabulous. And an amazing arm chair from an estate sale. You get the picture. So know I'm aiming to replicate this as closely as possible, but changes to the plan are highly possible.

In other news my glorious hubs replaced my window with a brand spanking new one. It is clear, it opens up all the way and it is efficient. What more can one want from a window I ask you. I was prepared to write up how he removed an old junky 60-year-old basement window and replaced it with a new one. But then I sat down to write it and thought, what the hell are you doing? You know nothing about how to replace a window. You were watching Orange is the New Black while he did this. So I will keep it real - I have no idea how he did it. If you really want to know, let me know and maybe I'll have him do a post about it at some point.

So no tutorial, but a great before and after picture instead. Just as good, right?

So I may not have replaced the window, but I did paint the floors. I may have done a bit of spray painting down here in my pre-children days so the floor was even more trashed than a typical basement floor. But thanks to my previous experience painting basement floors (here and here) I wasn't worried. Thankfully I didn't have to remove any carpet strips or tacks this time, all I had to do was do a bit of light sanding and a heavy cleaning.

I did mix it up a bit this time and went with Benjamin Moore Porch and Floor paint because I wanted to use this beautiful color. Bermuda Turquoise. I have been dying to use this color for some time and it did not disappoint. It is the most beautiful, deep, rich, color. Evah!

Bam. I pretty much want to kiss my basement floor. How's that for things I'd never thought I'd say? I had to crop this picture as there are some secrets going on over to the right. To be honest there are secrets in plain view over to the left too but consider those a tease. Sweet progress.

Goals for the space:
- brighten it up
- fix and paint the floors
- do something with the exposed ceiling
- replace the window to let in even more light
- girly this place up to create a happy, adult work space
- add more light
- use what you HAVE
- get organized girl!

Now I just need to paint the rest of the desk, figure out storage, lighting and about a million other things. I think I'll go work upstairs on my closet to take my mind off of all this work. Ha!

Do you have a color you've been dying to try? A window you've been dying to replace? A show you've been dying to watch? (Seriously, I need some new Netflix recommendations). 


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