~~~Time To Celebrate Our Freedom!!!~~~ ~~~Time To Celebrate Our Freedom!!!~~~

HI and welcome!!!!!! I set this table last night while the light was fading then this morning took some more pictures. So, this post is pict...

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~~~What the HECK????~~~~ ~~~What the HECK????~~~~

We had some good rain here today but no wind so I don't know what made this big branch fall from a HUGE beech tree in our side yard???? ...

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~~~The Deer, Eating Lunch today~~~ ~~~The Deer, Eating Lunch today~~~

I just caught a QUICK picture of 4 deer in our neighbors yard, having their lunch! When I opened our sliding glass door to take the picture ...

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~~~ Part One, Our OBX Vacation!!!~~~ ~~~ Part One, Our OBX Vacation!!!~~~

Hi everyone! We are BACK! We just spent a week at OBX, (the Outer Banks of N.C.). We had a wonderful vacation! We go with our best friends a...

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