Hi everyone,I ahve FINALLY been able to upload my pictures! GEESH! On Sat. I CLEANED off our deck. We had had a storm and it was a mess with debris from the trees, leaves , branches etc. So, I got out my blower, my broom and my windex to make it pretty again!!!! I swear, it looked like FALL out there!!!! Ok, here we go. This is one of 2 hanging ivy geraniums.
 The window boxes are filling in so nicely!
 They are all impatiens. We live in the woods so impatiens are good for all the shade we get.
 I have my birdhouse placemats on the table. Don't forget to click on the pictures to enlarge, if you want to! IOn the center of the table is a bird votive holder.
 A look along the back railing. Joe made the new window boxes last year and we stained them black! I love them!
 I got this bench at Lowes last year too. I love the branch design. The seat cushion came with it and differnet pillows. I found these at CTS. They are Sunbrella fabric and were only $4.99 each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Joe is kissing me for cleaning up the deck:):):)

 Looking from the table to the stairs.

 Across from the bench is this little table to seat 2. I also have a rectangular top for it to make it bigger for 2 people to eat.
 This is a cutting from the hibiscus that Joe kept alive all winter and it is GROWING!!!!! I am amazed!
Miniature rose.
 A begonia and I forget what the trailing plant is.

 Looking down to the second landing. A geranium in the pot and begonias in the small pots on the railing.

 Looking to the pond.

 Sorry this is blurry, I didn't mean to include this one....
 Dappled sun on an impatiens.

 Our new umbrella, it matches the stain on the house perfectly!

 This is how I felt after cleaning the deck:):)
 Then I got my second wind:)

 Joe collects lanterns, and we have 10 on the deck. It is so pretty at night! 2 of these...
 2 of these
 3 of these
 2 of these. Joe wire brushed and repainted them this year as they tend to rust.
 This on just holds a tealight.  Wish you could all join me on the deck, it is so quiet and peaceful oput here. Hope you all have a great week! XO, Pinky I am linking to Kim at Savvy Southern Stle for Wow us Wed.  http://www.savvysouthernstyle.blogspot.com/ 


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