Hi everyone! We are BACK! We just spent a week at OBX, (the Outer Banks of N.C.). We had a wonderful vacation! We go with our best friends and their entire family, there were 23 of us!!!! It is a GREAT time and I will share pictures probably all this week! So please come back!!!! We organize this trip this way: each day one family is "Captain of the day" and you are responsible for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner for the ONE day!!!! It is fabulous! For our day we decided to do a tribute to Joe's Dad who passed away this past March. So, here is a little sampling of our day. Unfortunately, I never got pictures of our FOOD, since we were so busy cooking and serving BUT, it was VERY well received by all!!!! You will see on the board what all we did. Hope you enjoy this little recap of the day. Click on any picture to enlarge!!!
 Here is the menu board and I got shots of each section for you.
 Making crepes for 24 people is no easy task, let me tell you. My wonderful hubby was the chef for these and I kept them going into the oven to keep warm. We served them with 4-5 different jellies and powdered sugar, then you roll them up and cut in half. The kids loved that!
 Lunch was yummy too. This year was a pretty easy year, cooking!
 "Slimey" is a nickname of one of the Mom's from when she was a child. Fortunately, it didn't stick:):):) She is a gorgeous, wonderful Mom now!!!!
 This is Joe's Dad and my WONDERFUL Father-in-law. We miss him alot. He was a pilot first in the Army Air Corp, played semi pro baseball and football, then joined an airline to pilot for many years. He retired a Captain and flew 747's.

 The plane in this picture is the P38 Lightening that he flew in the war.

 LOVE this one!

 This is how I will always remember him. What a GREAT Father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Always FUN!

 This was the day of his last flight. We all went to NYC to meet his plane. It was a FREEZING cold day (40 below with the wind chill). But we got him to pose IN the engine!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that!!!????
He was a great artist too! He made the Hi sign and the bells from styrofoam!

 A family picture of he and Mom, my Joe on the left, his brother and sister.

 Loved to be the life of the PARTY!!!!!

 He LOVED Mom. This is such a great picture!!!!!!
I hope you have enjoyed this. I will post alot more pictures to come:) I am going to join in with Yvonne at Stone Gable for her NEW weekly party called What's on the Menu!!!!! Please go visit her, it will be up at 9PM tonight. http://www.stonegable.blogspot.com/  It should be a GREAT party!!!!!!! XO, Pinky


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