I thought I would show you our laundry room. Fortunately (for you all) I don't have any "before" pictures:) Suffice it to say, it was DINGY , old white paint, not even  wire shelves but brackets with left over pieces of wood for shelves, it was HORRIBLE! I have no idea how I managed to stay in that room long enough to load some wash:):) So, about 2 years ago I finally decided it was TIME to DO the laundry room. I love animal prints so decided to have some FUN in the once awful laundry room. I found this picture at Marshalls (of course) and the little plates at Kirklands. The paint is a SHADE darker than the kitchen.
 We finally got just basic cabinets from Home Depot but they are GREAT! All my supplies fit in there along with light bulbs etc. I am "vertically challenged" so no storage on top of the cabinets, I decded to just decorate up there.
 On this wall a basket, mirror for last minute touch ups as I walk out the door, and the metal leaf piece. The palm thing on the left is a tile meant to be used as a hot pad, I think. Now, look away if you have a less than strong stomach.....
 Yes, this is my washer and dryer!!!!!!!!!!! The darn things WILL NOT DIE:):):) I would LOVE to have a new set of the front loaders but it is not happening!!!!! The outsides are in pretty bad shape but they still work.....darnit! They are over 20 years old......
 This rug used to be in a bathroom and now works well in here.
 I actually found an animal print ironing board cover!!!!!!

 I made this little arrangement in a basket.

 The curtains are sheers with a plam design.

So, that is my laundry room. I don't mind doing laundry (as much) now:):) Thanks so much for stopping by!!!! Have a GREAT weekend everyone. It poured rain, and we had HAIL so it has cooled off now. My car thermometer today said 100 degrees!!!! Stay cool. XO, Pinky


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