We had some good rain here today but no wind so I don't know what made this big branch fall from a HUGE beech tree in our side yard???? We just discovered it. It hit an apple tree on the way down too. I think the apple tree will be OK, I hope! The beech is  pretty near the house so I guess we are going to have to have it checked, if  IT came down it would devastate the house!!!!!
 It is a large branch that splits into 2 branches, as you can see here.
 This is the beech that it fell from. The tree is about 80 feet tall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I just heard on the news where a tree came down at a campground in N.J. today and killed a man and injured his wife. Now I am getting nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially because my "office" is right where the tree would hit:(:(

 At least some of the apples are low enough now for us to reach.....before the SQUIRRELS get to them:):)
 It came this close to the house. This side of the house is where the 4 large rhododendrons came down this winter and we haven't replaced then yet. Trying to decide what we want.

 On a HAPPIER note: all my hydrangeas are blooming beautifully right now. I will be cutting some after dinner for my 4th of July tablescape. I wanted to do it today, outside, but the rain stopped me. Hopefully I can do it tonight or tomorrow morning.

 Such gorgeous color! This bush is the one that for 25 years has been SNOW WHITE!!!!!!!!!????? Have no idea why it turned BLUE this year!!??
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