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Ben Bradlee, the former editor of the Washington Post died last week. I've admired Mr. Bradlee since my pre-teen days. First, thru my journalism years when I thought he was just about the smartest and strongest man in the field. And then later when he and his wife, journalist Sally Quinn, bought Grey Gardens from Little Eddie after Big Eddie's death in 1979.

Now if you don't know about Grey Gardens, well then...for shame!!! Learn more about the documentary here and the movie here. Both are worth a watch on so many levels. Fascinating story, quotes delivered from a pot of gold, and oh course...duh, an amazing home.

Bradlee and Quinn lived out my ultimate dream - taking an old, rundown estate and restoring it back to it's original glory. They've used it as a summer house and rented it out to some very lucky tenants over the years and most importantly, saved a beautiful piece of history.

So in honor of Mr. Bradlee I will break out my old copy of A Good Life and do some reading, and watch All the Presidents Men and Grey Gardens and cheers a man who represented so many of my interests all rolled into one.

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