Sorry for the radio silence everybody. Yesterday, as I tried to make a lovely snow day breakfast, I had a run in with a pesky knife and ended up with stitches in my hand.

The buggers are right where my thumb muscle moves to make my hand...useful. And let me tell you in case you have forgotten this from Jr. High science, our opposable thumbs are one of the greatest gifts evolution gave us. Life without it is slow and frustrating. So typing is not my friend these days. Bare with me and know I'll be back in fighting shape soon.

But I can't drop a lame bomb like that and leave you empty handed (pun intended). So head over to Resembl where I'm sharing my favorite black and white handbags for the new year. Empty handed, hand bags, I just can't help myself.

I really love a good handbag and I've got some great choices to drool over. Check it out here.

Do you have an obsession with bags like I do? Ever had stitches? Ever heard a doctor say "We've got a bleeder!"? Sadly, I have. (Extra points if you can name the movie that line is also from.)


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