Remember that first day back to school after Christmas break? When you would spend the day saying "how was your break?" over and over again? Good times. was your break?

I had an absolutely wonderful vacation. We ate, we wrapped, we partied, we unwrapped, we drank, we shoveled and we cuddled. General merriment all around. And best of all, I didn't open up my laptop once. Truth. Full disclosure, I did occasionally checked Instagram, but I was 'off the clock'. And it felt great.

Like any great love story, I think sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder and I missed you all and my little corner of the virtual world. So I'm excited to be back and in action. Can I get an amen?


And the good thing about a little time away, is that my brain has been going wild with ideas, projects and things to share. So let's hit the ground running my friends, we've got a new year in front of us!


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