During our most recent snow storm I laid down a towel just beyond the rug in the entry to catch the extra wet boots, shoes, gloves, hats and whatever other crap is needed to deal with this horrible weather.

And then yesterday I finally got around to cleaning it up, putting things away and picking up that filthy towel. (It's amazing what a random 50 degree day can do for your mental wellbeing.) That towel was so disgusting I made a new house rule right then and there - no shoes in the house.

The girls and I are pretty good about taking our shoes off as soon as we walk in the door and sticking them in the black and white basket under our bench. But I'm going to start being that vigilant about everyone who comes in the house.

House and Home

When I lived "up north" (Iowa and Chicago) everyone took their shoes off when they walked into someone's house, especially in the winter. No questions asked.

However, I know for some it isn't a big deal at all. And others even consider it rude.

Apartment Therapy

Would you ask people to remove their shoes when they come to your home? How do you do it without sounding bitchy anal inhospitable?

Muskoka Living

What about your house? Are you a no-shoes home? Do you make sure to wear good socks when you go over to someone's house...just in case?


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