I have used my excellent investigative skills to deduce a trend surge hitting the streets. And because of my excellent investigative skills, I'm making a proclamation.

2014 is going to be all about the arrow.

I know, a bold statement. But everywhere I turn, little arrows are popping up. Or shooting out as the case may be.

Kelly Wearstler

Emily Henderson
Apartment Therapy
Amanda Catherine Designs
Dajana B. Strong
Design Sponge
Vintage Revivals
Modern Jane
Paris Heroin Stars' Boutique
Moorea Seal
Shop HDB
One Kings Lane

Pencil Shavings Studio
Biscuit Home

So what do you think? Do arrows make for a good accessory? Will you be participating in this trend? Do you realize how many puns ran thru my head while writing this post? It was a very Carrie Bradshaw moment.


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