The last day of school has finally arrived and I'm both thrilled and frightened at the thought of kicking off summer in a few short hours. I have a 3-year-old who is acting very...three lately. And the thought of a change to her schedule that might further muck her up almost makes me want to go hide in the closet until September. So let's ease into this week by talking about a trend I can't get enough of - pattern mixing.

In the right space, I love a collected look. A room that looks more curated over time and layered, very lived in. These spaces always feel comfortable and welcoming to me. Almost as though you are going into the 'real' room of someone's home, not the staged living room for guests. A backstage pass to someone's private space you could say.

Now this style certainly isn't for everyone and when it's not done well it looks like a hot mess. But there are a number of people who do it well and do it often.

Anna Spiro
Anna Spiro
Jamie Meares
Tilton Fenwick
Jeffrey Bilhuber
Katie Rosenthal
John Robshaw
What do you think? There are certainly levels of this trend, hardcore mixes for the bold and daring and more subtle mixes for those who just want to dip their toe into the mix.

Are you on board? Would you give it a try in your own home? Or will you leave the mixing to the cocktails?


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