Today is a real treat as we have one of my all time favorite designers and funny ladies, Sherry from Design Indulgence. Sherry is my neutrals idol. No one can do white and black better than this lady and she also just happens to be one of the nicest and funniest ladies I've met in this little corner of the world (wide web). So Sherry, fess up! funny girl...thanks for asking me to join in on "fess up friday"....I think:)

I thought about all kinds of things I could confess to..... like I have a couple of hairs on my chin that seem to grow 4 inches in one night.  Seriously one day nothing and the next day Rapunzel.

Or that I HATE my curly has always been a pain in my ass.  

That is me [25 years ago] with Gene Simmons hair.  Ridiculous.

Or....I am totally petrified beyond anything of spiders...large or small.

But I guess the real thing I am confessing to is scared I get when I post about a design project I have completed or share pictures of my own home.  

Seriously people I feel so vulnerable...."is it OK....are people thinking WTH is THAT?"  She needs to keep that mess to herself.   It's like I have that syndrome where someone can't recognize faces....only I can't recognize if it looks good or not.  Epic fail?

On the one hand people tell me they like it..... but what if they really don't know?  We have all seen when someone leaves the house thinking "BAM....I look good!" wonder 

Whoever said "I like it and I don't care about anyone else's opinion" is a liar right?  Of course we care or we wouldn't keep changing it.  

So's out.  I have stood on the mountain [like Moses] with a bullhorn and hollered "it's a crap shoot over here:)".

Keeping it real.....Sherika


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