It might be the hysteria from all of the One Room Challenge drama, but I'm trying something a bit different for Fess Up Friday today. The hubs and I were laughing about something the other night when he said, "I have plenty to fess up about!" Well, I will take that Pepsi challenge sir. Let's see what you've got! So without further adieu, here is my better half (this oughta be good). Ok Luke, fess up!

Hi all -The Hubs here...aka Luke.  You might recognize me from some of my photo's!

Like Here...

Or Here....

And my personal fave...I call this one "the double hand"

But this is what I really look like... I actually do have a head!

I am here to Fess Up for me and the husbands out there. I honestly have NO IDEA what Elizabeth is talking about 90% of the time. I really try to keep up, but her brain moves much faster than mine. From what room she wants to makeover (why do we need to makeover another room again?) to weekend plans, Elizabeth takes care of it all. I just kinda follow her lead. Once I was out with her and her lady friends and I swear they were three conversations ahead of me. We try ladies, we really do... but here are some examples of not being able to follow the bouncing red ball:

When Elizabeth says Blue & White, this is what she means:

This is what I think:

When Elizabeth says Foo Dog, this is what she means:

This is what I think:

When Elizabeth says Chinoiserie, this is what she means:

And honestly, I still don't know what that one means:

As you can all see, we usually start out at opposite ends of the spectrum.  But I always put on my listening ears and try to get where she is going.  And she hasn't steered me wrong yet.  Just ask her about the plaid couch of 1998, she will be all to happy to tell you about it.  However...there was that one time, Honey...**wink**wink.

On the bright side she didn't marry me for my design acumen. She DID marry me for my cocktail mixing skills.  I was a bartender in college, so I kept her tipsy most of the time I was trying to win her over. I STILL keep her tipsy, but that's for another fess up.

OK, I'm going to stop this right here. Thanks Luke for playing along. What about you? Does your partner understand what you are talking about each night at dinner? Do they nod and smile or just stare blankly?


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