Happy Tuesday/Monday all. I hope all of those that had one were able to enjoy the long holiday weekend. Between vacation last week and then the holiday weekend this week I don't know what time OR day it is. I'm completely out of whack. Anybody else feel like this as well?

Speaking of vacation, the hubs and I had a beyond wonderful time. We spent time in Sedona, AZ as well as a resort/spa in the desert south of Phoenix. It was spa, pool, hike, pool, explore, spa, pool, spa for five glorious days. I discovered the bliss of an amazing facial and we have made a pact to vacation without the girls at least once a year from now on. A damn good way to celebrate 14 years of marriage to this guy.

Now its back to the real world. Work, the last five days of school, and a mountain of laundry that I've been neglecting. Where is that maid I keep wishing for?! Be sure to check in tomorrow as I have a BIG announcement to share, aka exciting news.

So spill it. How was your weekend? Spend anytime at the pool? Why have you never told me how wonderful facials are??!!


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