Thank god for Fess Up Friday, or I would have not even known what day it is! I'm still in a bit of a post-vacation haze. I'll update you on all the vacation fun next week, but for today I'm happy to focus on the oh so lovely Dominique from Comfy Cozy Couture. I've long loved Dominique and long envied her style - girlfriend knows how to work it. When that winning lottery ticket lands in my lap, I'm calling Dominique for some hard core styling advice. Let's hear what my dear has to share today - Dominique, fess up!

Hey lovelies, Dominique here from Comfy Cozy Couture! Thanks to Elizabeth for having me over today for "Fess Up Friday!" I've always loved Elizabeth's crazy good style and ability to complete a fabulous DIY right before our eyes! Oh and the fact that she's hilarious is the cherry on top!

Okay, so I can't drag it out any's Fess Up time. Now I will admit I was so excited when Elizabeth emailed me about participating but that was immediately followed by nerves. Like omg, what am I going to fess up about but if you follow along with CCC you know that I recently announced the Mr. and I are expecting a baby in December.

Comfy Cozy Couture | Baby DeLaney

And since "fessing up" is all about being honest well I'm terrified about this baby...not about the labor or how this said baby will come into the world (I'm pretending like the stork is going to drop it off for now) but more about what's going to happen to my body and that I will be responsible for another human being. Don't get me wrong I am so thankful that God blessed us with this baby as we tried for many many months and I think pregnancy is a beautiful thing! But as I try to prepare for the crazy changes that are about to happen to my body or the fact that my hormones are on a constant roller coaster ride...and the numbers on the scale are going to start creeping up I can't help but feel anxious and vulnerable.

But I'm vowing to put my negative thoughts aside and try to embrace this pregnancy thing along with all of the changes because I know in the end it will all be worth it or so I hear! Alright my confession is over...Whew, I feel better. Thanks for having me, I hope some of you readers can relate...tell me you can? I'm not alone here right?!


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