Last night after dinner I decidee to walk around the yard and take some pictures. The hydrangeas are just starting to flower so I wanted to capture that. This one is a SURPRISE this year: we have had it for at least 20 years and it has always been pure white. This year it is flowering blue! Maybe the chemicals from the new driveway influenced that????
 Aren't they the prettiest things???? I ADORE hydrnageas!
 This stone wall is the front of the garage.
 This is a perennial called astilbe. We have some pink, red and white ones around the yard.
 All of my hydrangeas were FREE!!!!!! I used to work at a florist and when the hydrangeas got a little old she would THROW THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I dug them all out of the trash, brought them home and planted them. I think we have about 10 or 12 bushes.

 These are cinnamon ferns that are as tall as I am!!!!!
 Beautiful PINK astilbe!

 The hummingbird flag at the pond.
 Dappled sun was coming through the trees. SO pretty!

 AAAUUUGGHHH!!!!! This is evidence that the DEER have been snacking on my hydrangeas:(:(

 2 very large hydrangeas on each side of the swing......that Joe built.
 My braided hibiscus is still blooming. Love it!
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