Yesterday, Joe and I got busy preparing for Irene! We started to bring in all the things that could become a projectile or do damage.  The front porch was emptied except for the fountain that is very heavy.
 Large pots moved to the corner.
 Brought the side tables and accessories inside.
 On the back deck we tied down the tables and chairs!

 It is so weird to see the deck all empty in August!!!!
 We put a tarp down and brought in pots etc. This is between the living and dining rooms. Lovely:):)
 Didn't want my favorite bench to get damaged.
 Of course the umbrella and more large pots.

 Then, in the midst of doing this I got a SPECIAL delivery!!!!! Beautiful flowers from my hubby!!!!!!!!!!!! They SMELL wonderful with the roses and the lily! LOVE.....

I pray that everyone will be safe. I am most worried about the 100 foot trees that SURROUND our house. Please keep your fingers crossed that none of them come down. Love to you all, Pinky


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