Hi everyone. This morning when Joe went out to get a cup of coffee this is what he saw! This is a branch sticking up from a rhododendron and the hummingbird was perched on it. He stayed a long time. I think this is his "spot"!!! I took several pictures but they were all blurry so I got the tripod and set it up and he was still there.

 Beautiful red throat. This is a male. They are so pretty!!!!! We have a feeder on the deck off the breakfast room so he is going back and forth to that.

It is a cloudy day today so I am going through a PILE of recipes that I took out of the cabinet I showed you yesterday. I have thrown out a BIG pile of them, they are REALLY old. Into the recycling bin they go! Have a great day! XO, Pinky   Click on pics to enlarge..


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