I thought I should share some pictures I took about 2 weerks ago before I share the Fall decorations outside (and in). We had beautiful, mild temps for most of the month of August and the flowers all did beautifully! Here are a few shots.These first 2 are of one of the water lilies in the pond. Wea re SO thrilled to have them, at the old house they never bloomed due to not enough sun!

 This is a pink one
 SO many laly pads.
 The marigolds all around the pnd have done very well, wait til you see how big they are now! Plus they will look good for Fall too! Bonus!

 The geraniums are blooming profusely as well.
 This is a cardinal flower. They love wet feet and the humming birds love them!

 The limelight hydrangeas.

 Imaptiens in a pot on the front "porch".
 Knock out roses.

 Peach geranium.
 The front of the house, which will be totally transformed tomorrow:)
 Our "rock garden".
 Petunias in a hanging pot.
 More impatiens

 Hydrangea tree


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