Happy fall y'all! OK, so maybe fall hasn't officially started but my pool is officially closed and my swimming suit is put away so in my mind, fall has begun.

Thanks to all who gave their two cents on a paint color for my little table. You had so many great ideas I kinda wish I had about four more tables so I could try them all out. I did make a decision though and got the sucker painted before the rain set in.

I hope everyone had a fruitful Labor Day weekend (if in fact you celebrate said holiday). I got a ton of work done, both on my house and for others. Here is a sneak peek of some of my work in the office. She's so close to ready for her close up. Soon my friends.

And I learned a valuable lesson - put something on Craigslist for free and suddenly you are more popular than Kim K. I had 43 text messages and 25 emails within the first hour. I felt like I was manning the phones at the Jerry Lewis telethon. And a tip for any of you looking to wheel and deal on CL - if the listing says TEXTS ONLY, NO phone calls, don't leave me several voicemails. They will be promptly deleted.

Today is a big day in the Little Black Door household as my baby starts pre-school today. So I'm off to take lots of pictures and then pretend to leave her confidently at school only to sneak behind a bush so I can peek at her thru the window.

Why do they grow so fast?


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