Hi everyone, just a short post to share with you the new additions to our home:):) Joe built a bluebird box and within ONE HOUR we had bluebirds building a nest!!!! Then we saw (Joe opened the box) that there were 4 eggs in there!!!! We were so excited to have BABIES!!!! Today Mama and Papa were feeding the babies!!!. We have a bluebird feeder right outside of the dining room window so we can watch them feed. Today we got a BONUS and saw then feeding the babies. here you go:This first picture is one of the babies looking on the ground for some food.
 Checking under a bush...
Mama and one of the babies. The babies still have some dots on them:) See th food in her mouth? We have mealworms in the feeder.
 Feeding her little one!

 I am betting this is a male baby, because of the brighter coloring.
 SO cute!!!!
 Here is Papa feeding one of them. Now they need to learn to get in the feeder themselves:)
 3 of the babies, along with Papa, waiting on the porch roof for some goodies:)

 Male baby looking up at his siblings:)

 Papa and baby.

 So sweet. I know this is where we are supposed to be. This is a fun place to live:):)
Thanks so much for stopping by. If you missed my last post , "Lightening Up The Mantle" I hope you will go back and see it!!!! XO, Pinky
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