You all know that we moved here in Oct. The builder puts in the basic builder package of landscaping and maintains that. However if you want more, YOU maintain anything else. Oh, and AFTER you get your plans approved:):0 We got ours approved last week so Joe started right away. here is what is DONE so far. He dug out and planted on the left side of the walkway and made a little curve at the end by the driveway. We got some new bushes and moved some others.
 Joe LOVED red flowers and these azaleas are a pretty red shade. One of my pagodas fits nicely here at the end.

 At the corner of the walkway I now have 3 pots of flowers. When we get our deck built I will be able to move the pots back there.
 While I was snapping these pictures, I noticed 3 gold finches on the feeder.

 The peach geranium was a gift from my daughter on Mother's day. I love the color!

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