What day is this? What's my name again?

My apologies for the radio web silence my friends, I hate to be off schedule. Last week I had more One Room Challenge drama, a husband who ripped his cornea (eww - but funny story) and a mom who went into the hospital unexpectedly and has had two surgeries since. Calgon, take me away!

The good news is that the hubs is completely mended, my mom will hopefully be released later this week and the hubs and I were able to get out of town for the weekend (sans kids) for a lovely trip with old friends. (Thank god for trips planned months in advance).

Now my stomach feels like I've done a million sit ups (can laughing for three days be considered exercise?) and my lilac bush is in full bloom. Things are looking up dears!

So while I shake the cobwebs, please go visit my dear Shavonda over at A Home Full of Color. She was so sweet to have me over to talk about living in a small home, and you'll be surprised to hear I had a lot to say. Ha!

Thanks for your patience while my posts may be a bit patchy until things get back to normal. But I of course will be back tomorrow with my One Room Challenge update. Here is hoping there is something to update!



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