Oh my!!!! I hate to share this mess but, hopefully, when it is all completed it will be a GREAT TRANSFORMATION..............I hope!!!:):) This was the office just as Joe started to cut in.
 I was worried about the color....

 Now, wait til you see how different it looks in different light!
 Weird, huh? This one is with the flash though. He really wanted a "grayish brown" and I think that is what it is!
 Lots of STUFF stashed in the guest room.....
 The old computer desk is sitting by/blocking the front door!!!!!!!!!!! He has to take it all apart to put it out for the trash:(
 The new pieces are in the living room............I YI YI!!!!:):)
Computers on the dining room table...........

 Like I said, my poor house.  Stay tuned for the big reveal in a few days!!!!! Thanks for stopping by. I read every comment and appreciate them so much!!!! OH! And Happy Valentine's day to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky


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