I never have trouble walking into an estate sale and finding something I want, but it isn't everyday that I find something I actually NEED. (there's that whole need vs want struggle again).

I ran into this particular estate sale on Sunday afternoon, so it had already been going on for 2 days and the house was majorly picked over. I was so sure I wouldn't find anything that Luke and the girls stayed in the car while I did a quick scout. I was running thru in record time with nothing good to pick up until I walked upstairs and found this.
crooked iphone picture
A dresser for the girls' room has been on my 'hunt list' for a while and this one is perfect. Not only is it already perfectly painted in a non-offensive color (very hard to find if you frequent estate sales), but the drawers open and close as if it was a brand new piece of furniture (a pet peeve of mine), and it had a $100 check from 1973 stuck to the bottom of the top drawer. All of this for the low low price of $70!

The estate sale ladies were so nice they even threw in the mirror above it for free and watched the girls for us while Luke and I trucked it down the winding stairs and out to the car.

I took it home and put it to use right away. I don't even know what to do with all this storage. I'm giddy!

Along with this score, I also managed to get a painting project done and we made headway on another lighting project for the dining room. More on those things later.

Here is to a week of crossing things off the list!


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