C'mon ride the train. Woo Hoo. The gold train. Sorry, I'll stop. But I'm seeing it everywhere, and I'm joining in the fun.

I've seen several people use the new metallic spray paint from Rust-oleum recently, but after I saw Julia's table over at Pawleys Island Posh I knew I had to give it a try.

Enter this sad little shade.

I picked up this piece of damaged goods, along with its brother Darrel and its other brother Darrel, at a high school rummage sale (remember these Becca?). I have a feeling that the owner of these shades work up that morning and thought, 'Crap! I was supposed to bring something for the rummage sale!' And then proceeded to go down into her basement and pick up the first thing she found.

Although the outside is a nice black satin-ish type fabric, the inside is paper. Paper that has suffered some type of water damage. (not a statement you often make about a lamp shade)

Who in their right mind would buy these things? That would be me.

Luckily I only paid $2 for all 3. Since they were already in such poor condition and they were just gathering dust in my basement, I figured why not spray some gold up in here!

I was thinking moody, library lampshade. Man smoking a pipe in the corner in a big leather chair type lampshade. Like this.

via SFGirlByBay.com
Or this.
via Pinterest

And I'm happy to report...

these suckers look good! 100% improvement.

They still have a few little dents here and there, but you can't tell (unless you are taking close up pictures of them). And you've got to give these guys a break. They were obviously involved in some sort of flood that had left them for dead.

I'm loving the glow they cast.

So pretty. Saucy really. I feel like I need some candles and wine.

I'm in love. Especially after only spending under $10 for the whole thing - shades and paint. I think they will live in my entryway. I'll spend some time this weekend styling these bad boys up.

But I'm not so sure they should go on these silver lamps. What do you think?

Should I paint the lamps too? (trust me, they aren't precious) I don't want blow my $10 margin with some crazy expensive lamps. Maybe Goodwill? Any ideas?

In other news, I'm staring at an electrician's crack as I speak type so we can finally wrap up this living room project. So what do you think? Do I have more gold painting in my future?

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