Hi everyone!!! I am so glad to be home from our trip to Fl.! I have missed you all and blogging too! We were in technology prison: no TV, internet or radio. BUT, we got alot accomplished and that was the purpose of the trip. I did hurt my back the Monday after we got there so have been in pain for the whole time but finally got to a Dr. on Monday and got some medication that has helped tremendously. I am just sharing a few pics tonight and will be back tomorrow if I get all unpacked etc. This first one is me and my siter's granddaughter, Jordan. She is such a sweetheart. I wish so much she wasn't so far away and I could see her all the time!!!
 This is me and my little sister. I am so glad she is near her sweet Jordan.
 My sister, Sue, brought Jordan some Valentines cupcakes and here she is just eating the icing:):)
Hope you all had a nice Valentine's day and got lots of LOVE from your loved ones. As I said, I missed you all alot and now have to TRY to catch up on my favorite blogs too. It is so good to be back. XO, Pinky


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