Good Thursday afternoon my friends! Spring has SPRUNG around here and I am so happy about that! I am also in a nostalgic mood as I keep thinking, " this is the last Spring we will be here", in this house. After 28 years it is a little bittersweet. BUT, I so look forward to our new home and the next chapter in our lives. Today I snapped some shots around the yard of some things that are blooming. The pink azaleas are bursting open. We have about 30 azalea bushes around the property and even more rhododendrons!!! Spring is very colorful here in this corner of Pa.!!!! This next shot is one of the 4 weeping Japanese Maples. They started out as tiny little trees and I wish I could take them with me.....

 This is a pink dogwood. It didn't bloom much at all last year so I am thrilled with all these blooms!
 The waterfall in the pond is going. I love the sound.
 Here are some pink and white bleeding hearts.
 Another shot of the pond. We haven't mulched yet, it will look so much better after that is done!

 The little blue flowers are ajuga: a ground cover! They are covering everything:):)
 My 2 tulips that miraculously have escaped the deer!!!
 A pink azalea and a pirus japonica bush.
 Now here is a weird occurance: these hostas have popped right up. They are on this side of the driveway......we have 2 "islands" on each side of the driveway....
 And here is the other side....not nearly as far up. Very strange in that they are 10 feet apart!!!
 A shot of the house for posterity....I will be taking alot in the next few months, I am sure. Please excuse the dumpster. Joe and I got ALOT of stuff in it today.
 One of the dogoods on one of the islands.
 A shot from up the street a bit: those huge, 50 foot cherry trees, we planted when they were about 8-10 feet tall:):)

 The grass on the one side that Joe planted AGAIN last year is doing really well!!! It has always been an issue. NATURALLY as soon as we are ready to leave it will look nice;):)
 Here was the dumpster this morning, empty.
 You should see it now. More pics to come..... Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy Spring everyone. This time of growth and new beginnings is my favorite time of the year. XO, Pinky


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