It happened again. I find myself innocently driving down the street, minding my own business, when something catches my eye. That something being someone else's trash.
My car stops, and before I know it I've coerced my husband into helping me lift this into the trunk.

A great old built in. As we were trying to squeeze the odd triangle shape into our trunk a lady pulled up next to us and said, "if that doesn't fit in your car, I'll take it".
Paws off lady! Find your own trash! 

This detail is on both ends and I love it.

Even a little extra fun at the bottom.

But as you can tell, it needs A LOT of work. I already know where its going to go - in the family room. It screams toy storage to me. And the fact that its a corner cabinet, that is just the space saving cherry on top!

So now for the big question - what color(s)? White and navy? White and black? Pink and purple? Just kidding, although that was my daughter's suggestion. (she's 4 so we'll let it slide). I'm open to any and all ideas you can throw at me.


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