What better way to come off of a party weekend, then with another party?  My friend Jennifer, over at The Pink Pagoda is hosting a link party about all things blue and white today so I thought I would join in the fun and share some blue and white in my house.

I've spread my blue and white collection over two spaces in my house.

The bookshelves in our family room hold a lot of my blue and white. This way I have something to look at while My Little Pony is on for the millionth time.

And the rest of my blue and white to the kitchen. The little bit of pretty encourages me while I put dishes away. And I need all the encouragement I can get with that.

Hey, now I've realized that I've put my collection in the two spots where I spend the most time. Subconscious at the time, but rather smart as they always do put a smile on my face.

What about you? Do you have a collection, blue and white or otherwise, that you display in your house? Do you move it around all the time like I do I hear some people do?

Be sure to check out The Blue and White Bash over at The Pink Pagoda for more blue and white eye candy.

Happy Monday!


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