Today's Fess Up host needs no introduction. She is none other than the lovely Lindsay of Sadie + Stella. Lindsay is funny, fabulous and a fellow Missouri girl. What's not to love? And as you'll see she is an excellent Fess Up player. So Lindsay, what do you have to share?

I am Lindsay from Sadie + Stella and when Elizabeth asked me to fess up on one of my deepest darkest, I really had to think because I think of myself as an open book. So here it goes. Lots of people ask me what my secret is to keeping it young and I am here to clue you in. Ready for it? Botox and Taco Bell. Woah and woah. So even though I am rolling into my 30's I decided to jump on the preventative train and start with the injectables and I am proud to say that my forehead now looks like it is in middle school. No, seriously. 

On to the diet. I mean I work really hard at it with meals that consist of 4 items from Taco Bell and I am proud to admit I am the girl that pushes $10 on every order. Folks. If you are not familiar with the prices at Taco Bell, that is an expensive meal, trust me when I say. I am talking nachos, chalupas and chili cheese burrito, people. I know I should be ashamed, but I am not. If processed food and injectables don't keep you fresh, I don't know what will. Preservatives my friends, preservatives.

Thanks to Elizabeth for graciously letting me air my dirty laundry and thanks to you all for reading my taxing and strenuous beauty tips. Hope you all will come and visit me over at Sadie + Stella! XOXO

All I can say is - who doesn't love a good taco?!


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