Well, since last night we have gotten about 14 inches of NEW snow. We are having a lull right now but more is coming tonight. UGH. But at least we have our power and I am praying we don't lose it. I feel terrible for our friends in the south who are NOT prepared for ths crazy weather!!! So, I took the opportunity this morning to clean out both pantries and my laundry room. The plastic box on the door holds menus from take out places. All that is soon to be replaced with wire shelves that we ordered and should be here soon. The pantries are very small so I need all the storage help I can get.
 The top shelf
 has things I don't use alot
 The next shelf...right side and
 left side. (Note) I found this old trophy cup and plan to use it in a new vignette)
 next shelf: crackers, cookies, cereal
 I keep the toaster in a plastic bag
 next shelf: I love using the wire things that double your storage area! I think you can see that when we moved in, we bought the opaque plastic shelf liner so things wouldn't fall through the slits in the wire shelves. Someday we may replace these with wooden shelves. ANOTHER thing on the "honey do list":):)

 On the floor I have some placemats and platters sitting on the box of Duraflame logs that we use outside in the warmer months. The empty box holds my crock pot. It is being used right now; beef stew cooking for dinner tonight! I keep it in the box caue it fits really well and is great for transporting.
 AND, I have some empty space! Believe me, it was full of accumulated crap when I started. I forgot to take before pics, sorry!!!! BAD blogger:)  The other pantry is still a work in progress so I will show you that later. It too is getting wire shelving on the door so will be redone soon anyway.
 This is what we woke up to, about 14 inches of NEW snow!
 That is a ROBIN!!!!
 My poor guy that is by the pond is up to his waist in snow:(
 The front bushes are almost covered.
 over the chair seats on the patio
I hope where ever you are, you are safe and warm and have power!!! XO, Pinky
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