Happy Friday my Valentine's! Today's Fess Up Friday features the lovely Jessie from The Design Daredevil. Girlfriend has style in spades (check out her latest reveal here), she's been on TWO shows on HGTV, and lucky for me she's local. Oh, and her apartment is pretty much my dream pad. And a warning to all of you St. Louis retailers - Jessie and I are hitting the streets together soon. Prepare.

So Jessie, Fess Up!

Hello hello hello LBD readers! I am excited to be Elizabeth's guest, as she is my fellow St. Louis blog sister. I'm not even half the blogger she is, so I'm sure most of you have not met me yet. I am a 32 year old interior designer working under the firm CURE Design Group. Here are a few looks at projects I've either completed, or am in the middle of working on...
Preppy Chintz 4Preppy Chintz 5HeatherMaggie 2Maggie 3Design Daredevil Jon Adler Inspired 4

Fun and cheerful, full of color and pattern. Cute, right? Well...it's all a lie. A big, fat COLORFUL lie.
That's right folks; I, Jessie D. Miller, do not like color.

GAH! I'm sure that I just lost 99% of you. Come back. Please? I have my reasons, I swear.

You see, working as a full time interior designer, with anywhere from 4-10 different projects going on at one time, I am visually assaulted with color and pattern on a daily basis. I am constantly selecting paint colors, accent colors, and coming up with a "pop of color"; so in my personal space I crave NO color.
But don't get it twisted, I didn't mean that my home is neutral. Oh no, I want high contrast by way of black, white, and gold/brass.
Here is a peek at my still-not finished apartment by way of crappy, un-styled iPhone pics. Don't judge me. At least not until its done.

Jessie Miller Apartment 4Jessie Miller Apartment 3Jessie Miller Apartment 1Jessie Miller Apartment 2 Yup, not a "Pop of Color" in sight. Just the way I like it.
But I'm not completely heartless. I did add some green to my balcony, the only "done' part of my home.
Patio Reveal 2
I mean, I'm not a total hater.
Plus, I love to go all out decorating for the holidays. My home is adaptable to all kinds of different themes.IMG_2604_FotorThanksgiving 9Thanksgiving 1Gold Christmas Tree 5Gold Christmas Tree 16

Okay, still not a lot of color, but you get the idea. So, do you think I'm all Patrick Bateman, or are you willing to give me a chance? I may live in a stark home, but I lead a colorful life.

Thank you so much for having me Elizabeth! And when the heck are we going to get
drunkdrinks and go thrifting? Hopefully we can report back on that soon, but in the mean time follow my design adventures on IG @designdaredevil

Jessie, we are going to have some colorful drinks in honor of this post! So what do y'all think? Do you live with a lot of color? Or just enjoy it from 9-5?


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