Today's Fess Up Friday host is going places. Tiffany Leigh from Tiffany Leigh Interior Design moved to a brand new city, all on her own to pursue her dream - a career in interior design. It has been so fun to 'go to school' with Tiffany and to see her shine is what is obviously her calling. Her sketches alone make me want to hire her! So Tiffany, take it away.

Hi Everyone! I'm Tiffany Leigh and I'm thrilled to be here today Fessing Up my dirty little secret (literally...dirty). It's such a fun series Elizabeth has cooked up here, isn't it? My secret is as shameful as my love of The Bachelor. Here we go:

If you follow my blog, you might have caught hints of this before, but today I'm laying it all out on the line with pictures. The horror! I live in what I call my 'studio apartment'. It's a lovely, yet teeny tiny little space where my living area and bedroom are one, but it does come with an extra large bathroom and walk in closet. Let me indulge you with some pretty before we get to the ugly:

I love living there, except for one tiny detail...

My apartment lacks one thing - A private kitchen. There is a kitchen in the building but I share it with five other girls. Five loveable but messy girls. As someone who values cleanliness, I avoid the kitchen at all costs. It's a dirt pit. I'm talking once I found decomposing fruit on top of the fridge. I'm talking we had a cockroach problem this fall.

I'm talking I have to leave notes like this all the time:

Please note this is my fourth note this month asking the culprit to wash their dishes. Still no change!

Here is a look at the dish situation in the kitchen on a typical day. Most of these are clean, but doesn't anyone know how to put something in the cupboard?!

Sighhhh. Fed up and frustrated with this whole student living thing! I cannot wait until I graduate from Interior Design School and can have my very own clean and organized kitchen. So there! I confess. My living situation as a whole isn't as pretty as I let on. Thank goodness my individual apartment is my happy place (and that I don't have to share a washroom with these slobs!).

Come on by Tiffany Leigh Interior Design and say hello! Thanks so much for having me Elizabeth!


Oh Tiffany, I've been there! Does this bring back memories for anyone else?

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