This is what we woke up to yesterday, Thursday. It was a winter wonderland BUT we had alot of damage too. Trees snapped in half, bushes snapped in half or bent over to the ground. For those of you in warm climates, lucky you!!!!!!!!!! I am OVER the snow but they are saying we could get another BIG storm on Wed.!!!! Oh Lordy! Hope you enjoy the pictures. The back deck table is a good measuring device:)
 The driveway is under there.... See the rhododendrons bent over?

 The poor birds couldn't get to the food for awhile! Mr. S. fixed that for them.
 A tree beny WAY over.

See the large branches hanging down?
It is so pretty though!!!!!! The sun was shining brightly!
 Another bird feeder.
We got about a foot or a little more.

 One of the broken rhodos.
 This was a pine tree about 30 feet high, and about 20 years old that snapped in half. This Spring is going to be alot of work around here!

The birds seemed to be having fun on the snow!!!!
 The dinner bell that came from Mr. S's grandparents farm!
 My wonderful snow remover:):)
 There was ICE under the snow:(:(
 These are about 20 foot rhodos all bent over on the side of the house.
 This one looks like it might be broken too.
Mother nature is beautiful but messy sometimes. Actually some of these rhodos NEEDED to be replaced so maybe Mother Nature decoded to take matters into her own hands:):) Thanks for stopping by!!!! XO, Pinky


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