Welcome to the beautiful home of our dear friends Bill and Barb. They had 20 of us for dinner last night and she graciously allowed me to take photos of her wonderful home!!!! I wanted to share it all with you!!!! She collects the Byers Choice carolers.....boy does she!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a great collection so now I will show you around. This is the dining room table. There are 2 BC Santas in the sleighs.
 The bay window area in the dining room filled with carolers!
 A corner of the dining room. The 2 skaters were given to her by Joyce Byers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 They are the 2 pieces under this table.
 2 more cuties!
 One of her beautiful Santas.
 This is NOT a real gingerbread house!!! It, too is by Byers Choice. The little people on it and around it are called Kindles. Remember I showed you 2 of them that Barb gave me this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Update, I now have 9 Kindles, Joe has given them to me as gifts and I found 2 at Home Goods for a great price!
 This area was FULL of candies and cookies! Barb also collects bskets and her collection of these is wonderful as well.
 Another Santa.
 This is a BC Santa by her front door.
 The living room. Come on  in.

 She has a beautiful touch with ALL she does!!!! Barb's home is so welcoming, as SHE is!
 Love these next 2 dolls!
 So sweet!

More in the living room.
 The stairway as you enter their home.
 A life size Santa on the landing. I will show you a close up of him further down the page....hang on:)
 Willy Raye pieces. As some of you know, my Joe collects these too. Barbs husband, Bill got him started:)
 The kitchen table was also set for 10. I sure wish I could get 10 people at my kitchen table:):)
 Another view of the kitchen. My hubby with his back to us talking to a friend.
 I made this wreath for them MANY years ago! This fireplace is 2 sided: the kitchen and family room.
Another great Santa.
She has a wonderful, LONG island!
 Beautiful Christmas dishes.
 Can you tell I am ENAMOURED with this gingerbread house:):) Update, since then I have gotten my own gingerbread house plus a gingerbread luminary and another smaller house:)

 Barbara got to DESIGN this one at the factory!!!! Isn't she adorable!!! Love her muff and the cupcakes!
 This is a little nook between the kitchen and family room. Santa is surrounded by the animals of the woods!!!
 Into the family room we go.
 This is the GORGEOUS Santa she got this year!
His coat is made from an old "crazy quilt". Just beautiful!!!!!!

 The windowsill in the family room. That is a Thomas Kincaid house on the left. I will give you a peek INSIDE of it too!

 Can you see Santa in the house?? It is a little blurry, sorry! Update: these were taken long before I knew anything about taking photos, macro settinggs etc.

 The Santa on the landing of the stairway.
 Isn't his face wonderful!
 Anna Lee dolls on  the stairway.
 Gorgeous carriage.
 This is a Thomas Kincaid Santa that lights up. I just loved it too!!!! I hope you have enjoyed this tour. THANK YOU to Barb and Bill for allowing me to share these. We had a wonderful time last night!!!!!!!


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