Welcome to our home and living room. This is where you enter the living room from the foyer. I will show you the foyer probably tomorrow. The credenza that you see has some of my favorite pieces on it! Come on in and have a seat!
 The sectional sofa is the best configuration for this room. There are 2 sofa tables behind the sofa and I will show you those pieces in a minute. The carved lamps are from India. My FIL bought them many years ago. As I told you he was a pilot and a SHOPPER and chose some beautiful things!
 Now we have our backs to the credenza looking toward the bar and the oriental screen from Japan. One of my treasured pieces!!!!! My hubby, made our mantle and trimmed it with bamboo molding....I LOOOVE it and how it looks.
 The coffee table and what is on there for now. A tray with various seed balls and feather balls with a pillar candle in the middle. Also a small palm tree.
 This picture has hung over the fireplace (except at Christmas when the wreath hangs there) many years.The 2 bamboo lamps came from Home Goods. The 2 bamboo vases came for the place where I used to work. The elephants are also from India and were my in-laws for many years and I hoped to some day own them. Now I DO!!!!!
 The very large blue and white jar was a gift from my son when he had his shop in New Hope, Pa.
 An arrangement I made several years ago and has moved around the house:)

 A close up of the differnt balls.
 The piece in the center of the hearth is a BOX that looks like a large piece of bamboo. Another Home Goods find!
 I just love these candles and candle holders.
I placed 2 small animal plates to camoflauge the 2 outlets.
 The bamboo vases.

 The hanging on the wall was purchased in New Hope, Pa. MANY years ago in a wonderful shop there. I now wish I had gotten 2!!!
Hubby also trimed the beams with the bamboo molding and we placed a brass oriental letter in the center.
The beautiful screen.
 We put a tree on a stand behind the screen.
 Detail of the screen.

 I found 2 of these tiles years ago and love them too!

A former neighbor got me a piece of silk on Japan and we had it framed.
 This is a wicker cart that I sprayed black and put a little arrangement of greens in it.
 One of a few fishermen I have from Winterthur Museum gift shop.
 Some more of my blue and white pieces. And a "mud man" from Winterthur.
 The bottom of the credenza holds a set of oriental ladies dishes. They were a gift from my Mother years ago.
 2 different warrior guys.

 a close up of one of the dishes.
 These elephants are from Vietnam. Again, my FIL bought them there. He transported supplies (and a few times) troops over to the war. These are a TRUE TREASURE to me and probably the favorite thing I have.
 They sit at each end of the sofa.

 Hard to see but this vase sits on another small elephant. Another Home Goods piece:)
 On the sofa tables are vases with some stick things, a crane topiary, a candle and the carved lamps from India.
 I hope you have enjoyed this little tour! I have loved showing you around. I love sitting in my living room. I LOVE the colors on the walls and it just makes me happy to sit there and read or relax with a glass of wine at the end of the day. I will continue the tour so please come back! Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them!!!! Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by!!!! XO, Pinky


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