It all started as a search for some new sheets for the master. BUT, I found these great blue and white shell patterened sheets, ON SALE, so grabbed them fast.  I knew I wanted them for the guest room. I had a good day of "retail therapy" the other day and found lots of stuff I needed. Then, I finally got the blue and white quilt, that I have had for awhile, out, and made the bed up. I am LOVING it. It feels like the room is finaly done.

 Since the drapes are dark blue and the shams as well, I am loving the blue and white quilt. I am going to get a blue or white bedskirt but for now the tan one is fine. It ties the shell pillow in, I think. So yay or nay on the shell pillow? Let me know what you think. I like it just for summer and will be on the hunt for a repalcement for Winter.
 It seems to tie the tobacco basket in too.
 I love the pattern on this quilt. I have never used a quilt on a bed before!!! But it is a nice generous size so no problem there.
 Now, on to the guest bath. This is what hung over the toilet at Christmas and I have been searching for artwork for in here.
 These are the guest towels that have been here...
 and I found some shell ones for the summer!
 I am sorry I can't get a good picture of this area. I already had the pottery pieces on the wall so hung the picture above that. You can see the coral on the picture better in the mirror.
 and this is the matching piece, both found at Home Goods. I love how well they go with the embroidered towels.
 I also found this cloche piece at Home Goods.
 I really like how the greens are wrapped around the wire.
 A shot from the doorway.I love the tissue holder that was a gift from my sister-in-law many years ago. Thabnks, again, Janie!!!
 But moved it and put the blue hydrangea in a blue and white pot in this spot for now.
 And here is the tissue holder.

 This is the other side of the bathroom. It ALL started with this shower curtian. I knew before we moved here that I wanted to do the guest room and bath in blue and white and this shower curtain was perfect! I built everything around it.
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