Let's continue the tour! It is hard to believe that summer is half way over but I wanted to show you what I have been up to. We will go upstairs to the guest room and bath then take a little stroll outside! This is the guest room as you see it from the doorway. I wanted to do blue and white and tan up here.
 This new shell pillow is from Kirklands this year.

 This bedside table has a shell and the other one....
 has my 1 piece of blue coral. I got this MANY years ago, probably almost 30 years when I first started collecting shells.
 This was a free dresser from as friend who was getting rid of it. I like the charm of it. It is old but it kinda speaks to me. We have plans to get new bedroom furniture in the master so our furniture will come up here one day (soon, I hope)!!
 Just 1 shell added to this vignette.

 In the bath I have these coral embroidered towels from Pottery Barn last year.
 LOVE this shower curtain from Target!!!

And a summery piece on the wall.
 Now we are outside at the pond. We have about 30 fish now and they seem to be very happy. Joe has made a wondeful habitat for them. They even have their own tunnel made from flue liners that they can hide in or just swim through.

 We had water lilies in the pond at the old house but never had any blooms because there wasn't enough sun. Now they are BLOOMING and we love them!!!

 This hydrangea only has this one bloom right now but it is HUGE!!!!!!!! I have never seen a bloom this big, ever! I am going to amend the soil so that I will have BLUE hydrangeas. I miss the 15 bushes I had at the old house!
 This is a gardenia. It started out as a tiny plant in a 4 inch pot and now it is a BUSH! The pink you see behind it is a geranium in a pot on the patio wall:)
 2 buds right now that should open any day.
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